Year round for every side of you

Read more about Thai Wheat beer

Thai Wheat


Read more about viKINGS of the SOUTH beer

viKINGS of the SOUTH


Read more about A.T. aLe beer

A.T. aLe


Read more about MOLÉ Porter beer

MOLÉ Porter

Spiced Porter

Read more about New Contender beer

New Contender

Rotating Hazy IPA

Beers for your sour side

Read more about Mai Tai beer

Mai Tai

Sour with pineapple, orange, and pomegranate

Read more about Smoked Paloma beer

Smoked Paloma

Sour with grapefruit and a touch of smoke

Read more about Maverick & Gose 2.0 beer

Maverick & Gose 2.0


Read more about Maverick & Gooseberry beer

Maverick & Gooseberry

Gose with added Gooseberries

Beers for your bold side

Read more about El Velorio beer

El Velorio

Imperial Porter with Puerto Rican Chocolate and Coffee

Read more about Dad Made Breakfast beer

Dad Made Breakfast

Vegan coffee breakfast stout

Rudi’s - Non-Beers for your Lighter Side

Read more about Ginger Turmeric beer

Ginger Turmeric

Hard Seltzer w/natural ginger and turmeric

Read more about Blue Razzberry beer

Blue Razzberry

Hard Seltzer w/natural blue razzberry

Read more about Cucumber Basil beer

Cucumber Basil

Hard Seltzer w/natural cucumber and basil

Read more about Grandaddy Purple beer

Grandaddy Purple

Hard Seltzer w/natural granddaddy purple ter-penes

Beers on Sabbatical

Read more about Olde Oyl beer

Olde Oyl

Russian Imperial Coffee Stout

Read more about Strawberry Bleeding Heart beer

Strawberry Bleeding Heart

Amber with Cocoa, Vanilla, and fresh strawberries

Read more about JunIPA beer


Juniper and Rosemary IPA

Read more about Suffering’ Til Suffrage beer

Suffering’ Til Suffrage

NE Double IPA

Read more about HAVANA NIGHT beer


Guava Berliner Wiesse