New Contender

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A creative spin on the hazy IPA that uses a new two-hop blend each time it’s brewed, resulting in original flavor combinations. Each round will have a winner that will move onto the next round, to meet the new contender (a new hop). We will use this to experiment with new and unique hops. Each release will be a new hop blend but will remain hazy, 6.0% abv, and super tasty.

Art by: Keith P. Rein

Pairings include - Braised chicken, sharp cheddar, eggplant curry, and raspberry panna cotta

ABV 6.0%

Draft + 16 oz Cans


Round 1 (October 2019) - El Dorado vs. Mosaic, the inaugural release in the series, is a Hazy India Pale Ale that pits the “tropical fruit flavors” of El Dorado hops against Mosaic’s “flavors of mango, pine, citrus and herbs and aromas of tropical and stone fruit.”

Round 2 (March 2020) - Idaho 7 vs El Dorado - Back for more and with a hazier look and feel. The reigning champ, El Dorado, take the lead with big tropical notes and Idaho 7 add a citrusy job and adds to the big tropical punch of hops in this round.

Round 3 - A new contender awaits