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Our second self story

Second Self is about fulfilling a dream. We all have our passion projects or side hustles that you do because you love it. We are lucky enough to live those dreams and want you to embrace your Second Self and live yours.

Second Self is founded by two friends, Chris Doyle and Jason Santamaria, both Georgia Tech Grads with a passion for beer. Every weekend, the two brewed beer and at night worked on their business plan to make this dream a reality. This was an escape from their corporate jobs/life and what seemed to be an alter ego. They jokingly called this alter ego their...Second Self.

That is why everything here is 2's. We have 2 founders, we have 2 - 2's in our logo, 2 colors in every beer and 2 sides to every beer. Our motto is "Sip into your Second Self" which even has two meanings. To our founders it means "go and live your dream" but it can literally mean to sip into your Second Self [beer].

~Jason and Chris